Friday, June 28, 2013

How to make money online?

Hello everyone, my name is Wizard74! I am 19 years old and few years ago I didn't know anything about making money on the internet! I found an article in the newspaper about making money online and in the attached screenshot was this picture:

When I first saw it, I couldn't believe! I couldn't figure out how is that possible? As you can see on the screenshot, that person has earned $22 in one day! That was so much money for me since I was only 17 years old!

Few days later, I decided to register to ShareCash to try to make some money, and the first thing I did was planning what I'm going to buy when I earn some money! I decided to buy iPhone for me and my sister, new computer, Nike shoes, new TV, and many other cool things!

So, I registered to ShareCash. I was expecting to earn at least $10 on my first day. But it was not how I wanted it to be. I earned $0. I was so sad while I was looking at my stats which were showing that I haven't earned a single cent. It was dissapointing for me, I had so many things on my list that I was going to buy, and I haven't earned anything. I was thinking about giving up, but I decided to try harder!

I started reading books online, tutorials on the internet, and everything that I have found! I was learning things for almost two weeks, and after some time I felt that I am ready to actually make some money!

I uploaded some files to ShareCash and created few videos about my file. I uploaded videos to YouTube and I was hoping to see some results. When I checked my stats next day, they showed me only $0. I haven't earned anything! I was so angry, and I decided to upload more files and create more videos! I opened my account and I couldn't believe when I saw that I have got my first download! I earned my first $0.85! I couldn't believe that earning from home is actually possible! I got money without going to work! It felt so good! I decided to upload more files, and my earnings were growing from day to day!

While I was uploading and promoting files, I was also learning new things. I got some experience, and I have earned $120 in my first month! I requested payout and I got my money after few days! 
I was so proud of my self! I was just a kid who earned $120 by basically doing nothing!

My month earnings were higher from month to month, and check out my stats after few months!

Yes, as you can see, I made $10.000 in just a few months! It is a lot of money for a 17-year old kid, isn't it?

Now, when I have enough money for myself, I decided to help other people to earn like me! I will be your teacher! I will teach you my methods from A-Z! I will tell you exactly what to do in order to become successful one day! I will help you with your sites, videos, and I will give you niches! I will help you with everything you need!

All you have to do is sign up to ShareCash with my referral link. When you do that, I will get 5% of money you earn! But don't worry, they won't take your money. For example, if you earn $20, ShareCash will pay me $1. As a return, you will get all of my guides and instructions and I can guarantee you that you will start earning some money in your first week! When you figure out how does it work, you will be able to make at least $2,000 per month! And this is not a joke! Making money is so easy, you just have to put a little effort in it, any you will start earning a lot!

Where am I now? I crossed $100,000 all time earnings, and I'm doing really good! You can be just like me! It's not hard, trust me!

I've been teaching referrals for almost a year now and I'm proud to say that all of them together earned around $260,000!! Yes, you heard it well! I earned $13,000 only by teaching other people! 

This is a unique chance for you, don't miss it! It will change your life for sure! All you have to do is click Make Money Now! button, register to ShareCash, and message me on with your ShareCash ID (it's a number and you get it by clicking your name) so I can check if you signed up with my referral link, and after that, I will give you my ultimate guides for earning! You will get hot niches from me every week, and you will earn a lot! That is all from me now! Sign up, and we will chat after I confirm that you have signed up under me!